U.S. Presidents on Australia

Australian Prime Minister Julia Gillard is visiting the White House today to meet with President Obama. The United States and Australia have shared a close relationship since World War II, and top level discussions are quite frequent. We've added a couple of new transcripts to our previously compiled highlights from the mentions of Australia on the White House Tapes.

Highlights include:

  • A rare recording of world leaders talking directly, in this case LBJ and Australian PM Harold Holt
  • Nixon: "God, you're going to love Australia. You know, it has a great feeling of Texas."
  • Nixon: "The guys that went down there in World War II said that they [New Zealand women] were easier than the Australians."
  • LBJ: "Goddammit, haven't you got enough sense to know that Australia's not voting in this country?"
  • Nixon: "The Australians are great. The New Zealanders are great. You know, they have the British type of thing, where you get in at a reasonable time.

You can hear these conversations at our Australia on the White House Tapes exhibit.