Signing the Farm Bill

Transcript+Audio Clip
Participants: Lyndon Johnson, Larry O'Brien                  

Telephoning the President to follow up with thank-you suggestions in the wake of the farm bill passage, Larry O'Brien also received instructions from Johnson on preparations for the farm bill signing ceremony, on the antipoverty program, and on the once-defeated but now revived and slightly altered government pay bill.

LBJ's Nomination of Abe Fortas to the Supreme Court, July 1965

In mid-July, 1965, Associate Justice Arthur Goldberg stepped down from the Supreme Court to take over as UN Ambassador. President Johnson wanted Abe Fortas, his longtime attorney and confidant, to be the replacement. Fortas demurred, but Johnson was not deterred. While he considered several other candidates, including a number of Republicans, Johnson did not stop pressuring Fortas and eventually got his man.

Nixon and the Supreme Court: The Appointment of William H. Rehnquist

Rehnquist was nominated by President Richard Nixon in late 1971 and sworn in January 7, 1972. The 47-year-old had a reputation for being an outspoken conservative, a reputation he lived up to while on the court. He rose to Chief Justice in 1986, nominated by President Reagan. Rehnquist had served in the Nixon administration as Assistant Attorney General from 1969 to 1971.

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