Nov 07, 1962
President John F. Kennedy, Fowler Hamilton
Foreign Aid

The summary below was prepared by the archivists at the JFK Library.

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JOHN F. KENNEDY LIBRARY PRESIDENTIAL RECORDING LOG TAPE 53: FOREIGN AID; CONGO Released 9/2000 11/7/62 97 minutes Status: Declassified in Part: One excision of 3 minutes and 4 seconds of sound recording has been removed in accordance with Section 3.4 (b) (1), (3) of Executive Order 12958. One excision: 7 seconds of recording have been removed in accordance with the donor’s deed of gift. Description, Foreign Aid: Alliance for Progress, Theodoro Moscoso, OAS, discussion of separate aid programs, loan terms with Europe, foreign aid committee programs. As meeting ends there is a discussion on Michael DiSalle and election results in southern states. Description, Congo: Political situation updates; surrender of Kongolo to the ANC; AdoulaTshombe and possible US responses, release of Gizenga and Gbenye, Senator Dodd and Tshombe, U Thant and UN involvement including the request of Greece and Philippines for fighters, Belgium negotiations re Congo, Senator Keating’s trip, Struelens. Identified Participants (Foreign Aid): President John F. Kennedy, Fowler Hamilton Identified Participants (Congo): President John F. Kennedy, Dean Rusk, George Ball, George McGee, G. Mennen Williams, Harlan Cleveland, Wayne Fredericks.
Tape No. 53: 11/7/62 97 minutes on 1 cassette….$6.00