May 13, 1963
President John F. Kennedy, Defense Secretary Robert McNamara, Secretary of State Dean Rusk

The summary below was prepared by the archivists at the JFK Library.

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JOHN F. KENNEDY LIBRARY PRESIDENTIAL RECORDING LOG TAPE 86: INDIA (NSC); BIRMINGHAM, ALABAMA; HAITI; NATO; INTERNATIONAL TRADE; WILLIAM ORRICK AND THE STATE DEPARTMENT Released 08/2005 5/9/63, 5/12/63, 5/13/63, 5/14/63 165 minutes Status: Declassified in Part: Nineteen excisions totaling 23 minutes 46 seconds have been removed in accordance with Section 3.4 (b) (1), (3) of Executive Order 12958; 10 minutes 56 seconds have been removed in accordance with the deed of gift for the Papers of John F. Kennedy. Description, India: 5/9/63 National Security Council Meeting on India. The President discusses with his staff the sale of mobile air defense units to India and how that will play out diplomatically. There is also extensive conversation on the possibility of providing a defense commitment to India in the case of a Chinese attack on the sub-continent and the use of nuclear weapons in the defense of countries in Asia instead of the introduction of large numbers of US soldiers. Description, Cuba/Civil Rights: This 5/12/63 meeting on Birmingham, Alabama is opened here as part of the complete recording of tape 86, however researchers should be aware that this meeting was originally opened to public use in 1984. The President met with his staff to discuss the Birmingham situation before he addressed the nation later that evening. Please note: The meeting begins with a short section on Cuba which was not included in the original 1984 release. Description, Haiti: a specific date of this meeting cannot be absolutely confirmed by the Appointment Books, but it seems most likely that this meeting is listed in the Appointment Books as the 5/13/63 meeting with Dean Rusk from 10:30-11:25. Please note that most of the Haiti meeting has been excised for national security reasons and will be submitted to the appropriate agencies for review. Description, NATO: From the way the tape itself plays, it seems as if this NATO meeting took place immediately following the Haiti meeting. President Kennedy, Defense Secretary Robert McNamara and Secretary of State Dean Rusk discuss a House Foreign Affairs Committee report on NATO that was just partially released as well as commentary of NATO military force levels, financial budgets of each of the countries and the upcoming meeting in Ottawa. Cuba and the civil rights situation in Birmingham are also briefly mentioned. Description, International Trade: According to the Appointment Books this meeting took place on May 13 from 4:20-4:50 between President Kennedy and several of his trade advisors. They met to review linear cuts and other specifics on international trade agreements. 121
Description, William Orrick: The President and William Orrick met on 5/14/63 to discuss Orrick’s impending position as Assistant Attorney General which will lead to other domino effect personnel moves at the Department of State, including the position he is vacating.
Participants Listing: India: President John F. Kennedy, Defense Secretary Robert McNamara, Secretary of State Dean Rusk, Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff General Maxwell Taylor, Undersecretary of State George Ball, Undersecretary of State for Political Affairs Averell Harriman, Assistant Secretary of State Phillips Talbot, Deputy Secretary of Defense Roswell Gilpatric, Ambassador to India Chester Bowles, Acting AID Administrator Frank Coffin, Assistant Secretary of Defense William Bundy, Member of the National Security Council Robert Komer Civil Rights: President Kennedy, Attorney General Robert Kennedy, Defense Secretary Robert McNamara, Assistant Attorney General Burke Marshall Haiti: President Kennedy, Secretary of State Dean Rusk and others NATO: President John F. Kennedy, Defense Secretary Robert McNamara, Secretary of State Dean Rusk International Trade: President Kennedy, Undersecretary of State George Ball, Special Representative for Trade Negotiations Christian Herter, Deputy Special Assistant for National Security Affairs Carl Kaysen William Orrick and the Department of State: President Kennedy and the soon to be Assistant Attorney General William Orrick Tape 86 5/9/63, 5/12/63, 5/13/63, 5/14/63 165 minutes on 3 CD’s….$18.00