Jul 25, 1963
President John F. Kennedy, Walter Heller

The summary below was prepared by the archivists at the JFK Library.

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TAPE 101: ETHIOPIAN PARLIAMENTARY DELEGATION; ECONOMY AND TAX CUT Released 4/2009 7/25/63, 7/29/63 168 minutes Tape Quality: Good Status: Declassified in Part: One excision totaling 2 minutes 7 seconds has been removed in accordance with Section 3.4 (b) (1), (3) of Executive Order 12958. The first 37 minutes of this tape does not contain distinct conversations. Initially at the beginning of the recording there is a very short mention of James Landis, then there are hallway – distant conversations as well as typical office noises such as typing, telephones ringing and doors closing. Ethiopian Parliamentary Delegation: On 7/25/63, President Kennedy met with a group of four Ethiopian leaders, including the President of the Senate of Ethiopia. They were in the United States on a country wide visit and met with the President to discuss a variety of topics including unlimited debate, the Peace Corps, Ethiopian relations with Somalia, South Africa, and prospects for the Ethiopian future. At times the Ethiopian leaders are difficult to hear and far away from the microphones. It is an interesting and informal 25 minute discussion. The recording continues for about another 30 minutes though it contains only office noises. Economy and Tax Cut: This meeting with Walter Heller is listed as a 7/25/63 meeting although Heller does not appear on the President’s Appointment Books that day. Heller recaps for the President his testimony up on Capitol Hill earlier that day as well as other steps to take on the tax bill. Please note that these meetings were opened in 1983 as part of the Tax Cut tape release package. After this first Tax Cut meeting there is a five minute period where the President is talking to various staff members about several subjects including a book of children’s letters written to the President. Sections are quite difficult to hear. Economy and Tax Cut: This hour-plus long meeting with Wilbur Mills takes place on 7/29/63 and discusses, in an informal and comfortable conversation, the tax bill and Congress. Please
note that this meeting was opened in 1983 as part of the Tax Cut tape release package.
Post Office: Brief discussion between President Kennedy and Arkansas Congressman James Trimble concerning a Post Office position. 144
After this meeting with Congressman Trimble, there is a very brief discussion with Leonard Woodcock, Jack Conway and Walter Reuther. The President asks if its ok with them if he gets his hair trimmed while he speaks to them. The recording ends soon after.
Participants Listing:
Ethiopian Parliamentary Delegation: President John F. Kennedy; Assrate Kassa, President of the Ethiopian Senate; Lij Araya Abebe, Member of the Ethiopian Senate; Ato Tadele Yigizou, Chamber of Deputies; Tesfaye Roba, Charge de Affairs, Embassy of Ethiopia; William Jones, Department of State Bureau of Educational and Cultural Affairs Economy and Tax Cut: President John F. Kennedy; Walter Heller Economy and Tax Cut: President John F. Kennedy; Congressman Wilbur Mills; Lawrence O’Brien, Congressional Liaison Office; C. Douglas Dillon, Secretary of the Treasury Post Office: President John F. Kennedy and the Congressman James Trimble
Tape 101 7/25/63, 7/29/63 168 minutes on 3 CD’s….$18.00