Aug 02, 1963
President John F. Kennedy and Christian Herter, Special Representative for Trade Negotiations

The summary below was prepared by the archivists at the JFK Library.

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7/31/63, 8/2/63, 8/5/63 199 minutes
Tape Quality: Average Status: Declassified in Part: 17 excisions totaling 33 minutes 55 seconds have been removed in accordance with Section 3.4 (b) (1), (3) of Executive Order 12958. Nuclear Test Ban Treaty: At this July 31, 1963 meeting, President Kennedy meets with four scientists to discuss the functions of the Nuclear Test Ban Treaty. The President is also attempting to gauge their support or lack of support for the Treaty since they will likely be asked to testify in front on the US Senate as scientific nuclear experts. During the early part of the meeting, the President comments on the possibility of the Treaty bringing about a détente with the Soviet Union. Nuclear Test Ban Treaty: This August 2, 1963 meeting took place with a large group of the President’s advisors. Again, the Test Ban Treaty was the centerpiece subject of discussion, especially the issues that might come up with the Soviet Union during Rusk’s upcoming trip to Moscow. In addition, they discuss Berlin, the multi-lateral force and the non-aggression pact. Tariffs: During this August 2, 1963 meeting, the President and Christian Herter discuss tariff issues with the EEC, with poultry and canned fruit mentioned specifically. There is also mention of the Presidential Proclamation in September which would withdraw concessions on imports. Germany and Nuclear Test Ban Treaty: This long August 5, 1963 meeting with McNamara, Ball and later Bundy covers a variety of issues concerning the Federal Republic of Germany. McNamara had just returned from a meeting with Chancellor Adenauer and he is relaying the specifics to the President. The German reservations about the Test Ban Treaty, criticisms of the State Department by Adenauer, the effect of German abstention on the US Senate debate on the Treaty and the German political climate are discussed in detail. In addition, during the latter half of the meeting, the President discusses the upcoming US Senate Foreign Relations Committee hearings on the Treaty, who should testify in front of the Committee, who the White House would like to testify to offset negative testimony from such witnesses as Teller and General LeMay. There is also a brief, difficult to hear discussion on a Northeast Airline issue and the Civil Aeronautics Board.
Participants Listing:
Nuclear Test Ban Treaty, 7/31/63: President John F. Kennedy; Dr. John Foster, Director, Livermore Laboratories; Dr. Norris Bradbury, Director, Los Alamos; Dr. Glenn Seaborg; John Palfrey, Commissioner, Atomic Energy Commission Nuclear Test Ban Treaty 8/2/63: President John F. Kennedy; Secretary of State Dean Rusk; Undersecretary of State for Political Affairs Averell Harriman; Ambassador at Large Llewellyn Thompson; Director, ACDA William Foster; Under Secretary of State George Ball; Richard Davis Tariffs: President John F. Kennedy and Christian Herter, Special Representative for Trade Negotiations Germany and Nuclear Test Ban Treaty: President John F. Kennedy; Defense Secretary Robert McNamara; Under Secretary of State George Ball; National Security Advisor McGeorge Bundy
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