Nixon and Bob Haldeman on Donald Rumsfeld

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Participants: Richard Nixon, Bob Haldeman                  

Donald RumselfPresident Nixon and Bob Haldeman discuss Donald Rumsfeld, observing admiringly that he's "tough enough" and a "ruthless little bastard."

John F. Kennedy on Politics and Public Service

FJKIn anticipation of someday writing his memoirs, John F. Kennedy periodically dictated notes on recent developments or on other issues he might one day want to include in the book. Although he had not yet won the presidency--"the ultimate source of action," as he called it--when he made this recording, probably in the fall 1960 during the height of the presidential campaign, Kennedy reflected on his political career up to that point and his philosophy of politics in national service. 

Nixon and the Amchitka Nuclear Test, November 1971

FalloutOn November 6, 1971, the United States conducted a controversial high-yield nuclear weapons test beneath Amchitka Island, Alaska. Earlier that day the U.S. Supreme Court, by a 4–3 vote, had declined to issue an injunction to halt the test. In White House conversations later that month, President Richard Nixon claimed that he had been prepared to defy the Court and order the test to proceed if the injunction had been granted.

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