PRP in the News Monthly Roundup

POLITICOA roundup of some of the press mentions of PRP scholars and work in the past month or so. John Dickerson, "Presidential Anger Management," June 10, 2010

With calls for President Obama to show some emotion on the BP oil spill, John Dickerson in Slate looks at previous precedents of presidential anger management. The LBJ-Albert Thomas clip he mentions makes for a great listen.

POLITICO: James Hohman, "Top Profanity in POTUS History," June 9, 2010

A fun guide to the history of POTUS profanity. Some of our Nixon work makes an appearance. John Dickerson, "Should Obama have called BP executive Tony Hayward?" June 8, 2010

Slate's John Dickerson has a piece on presidents as phone-talkers.

The Atlantic: Marc Ambinder, "White House Tapes: Tonkin and the JFK Assassination," June 9, 2010

Marc Ambinder of The Atlantic highlights some of our work on his blog.

Washington Post Virginia Politics: Rosalind Helderman, "Nixon aides discussed job offers to get candidates out of primary races," June 3, 2010

In the midst of the Sestak controversy, the Virginia Politics blog has a post on persuading candidates to pull out of primaries featuring a Nixon document shared by Ken Hughes.

Washington Post Virginia Politics: Rosalind Helderman, "Miller Center highlights Malek clip from Nixon tapes," June 3, 2010

An old clip we've had posted for almost three years created some buzz in the blogosphere.

Daily Progress: "Nixon tape has Malek's anti-Semitic," June 3, 2010 Timothy Noah, "What's the Matter with Virginia? Part 2," May 21, 2010