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Presidential Recordings of Lyndon B. Johnson Digital Edition

UVA Press has published three new digital collections of LBJ transcripts and related material in its prestigious Rotunda digital imprint. These initial collections focus on the period 1964-65 and include hundreds of new transcripts on Vietnam, Civil Rights, and the War on Poverty. The entire edition is fully searchable, accessible via a timeline view, and each transcript page includes the original audio. Click on the thumbnail to the left for further details.


The Johnson Tapes: Transcript Drafts

Editorial Note: Many of these transcripts are presented in draft form. Users are strongly encouraged to listen to the original sound file in tandem with reading the transcript. If you come across what you believe to be a significant error, please let us know at (please be as specific as you can) so that we can investigate further and update as necessary.

EditorsDavid Coleman, Kent Germany, Guian McKee, and Marc Selverstone

Associate Editor: Pat Dunn

Staff: Keri Matthews

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