Sunday, November 8, 1964 - 12:59pm - 1:02pm
Lyndon Johnson, Albert Jackson
LBJ Ranch

President Johnson: Hello?

Albert Jackson: Hello? Hi, Mr. President.

President Johnson: Albert, how are you my friend?

Jackson: Oh, just wonderful.

President Johnson: I just want--

Jackson: I feel so much better since last Tuesday, too.1

President Johnson: Well, I just wanted to tell you and Ginny I loved you and I was thinking of you. And I called and you were on your way to Austin the other day.

Jackson: Well, that's fine.

President Johnson: And I missed you down there. And I just wanted to tell how much I appreciate all the hard work you've done. And I know old Bill Clark wished he'd been here to enjoy this. I talked to his boy the other day and--

Jackson: Well, that's fine. Bill--young Billy did a wonderful job.

President Johnson: Did he?

Jackson: Yes, he did.

President Johnson: Well, that's good.

Jackson: He did a wonderful job. Tom [unclear] did a wonderful job. Of course, Bob Cullum and John Stemmons.2 But the one who really kept--aside from some of the people down here--who kept the fire on was Jimmy Aston. When--he did more work on that businessmen deal and trying to really [unclear] them together and keep them together, and he got [unclear] interested in it. It was just a fantastic operation, and Billy was able to keep all the labor boys working in harmony and unison.

President Johnson: Well, that's wonderful. That's wonderful. I just wanted to call you and thank you and tell you I loved you.

Jackson: Well, I appreciate it.

President Johnson: I'll be hearing from you.

Jackson: How are you and [Lady] Bird doing? [Unclear.]

President Johnson: We're just trying to get a little rest. And we've got to go to church in a minute up here at Fredericksburg. And when I got back I went down to John's for a little bit and had supper, but I had a little--I got some new glasses and I got a tooth out that had decayed a little bit and one of the fillings had fallen out and I hadn't done anything about it, so I couldn't eat on one side for about two weeks. So I got it repaired, and I'm doing all right now.

Jackson: Well, that's good. Try to get some rest.

President Johnson: I will, and I'll see you soon.

Jackson: Because we're all mighty happy, and we're happy that for the first time in a long time that Dallas had a part in it, and far as you're concerned, and also getting rid of our good friend Mr. [Bruce] Algers.

President Johnson: OK, my friend. I'm happy, too.

Jackson: Well, thank you much. Bye. Bye.

  • 1. Jackson was referring to the recent election.
  • 2. Cullum and Stemmons were businessmen in Dallas, Texas.

Original tape courtesy of LBJ Library. This transcript is a working draft. Please let us know if you find important errors.