Wednesday, July 7, 1965 - 6:30pm - 6:32pm
Lyndon Johnson, Thurgood Marshall

Following up on their phone conversation earlier in the afternoon in which President Johnson offered Thurgood Marshall the position of Solicitor General (see Conversation WH6507-01-8307), Marshall called back to reschedule his visit to the White House.

White House Operator: Hello, Judge Marshall.

Thurgood Marshall: Yes.

White House Operator: Just a moment, sir.

Before President Johnson joins the call the recorder picks up some muffled office background conversation.

President Johnson: Hello?

White House Operator: Judge Thurgood Marshall on 9-0.

President Johnson: Yes, sir.

Marshall: This is Marshall.

President Johnson: Yes, sir.

Marshall: The President called me earlier this morning.

President Johnson: Yes, sir.

Marshall: Do you know what I'm talking about?

President Johnson: Yes, sir. This is the President.

Marshall: Oh! I didn't get your voice.

President Johnson: [laughs] How are ya?

Marshall: Look, we've got to get back to [unclear] all night [unclear] on Friday.

President Johnson: Yeah, sure, sure.

Marshall: And I think it would be better if I got out of it.

President Johnson: Good.

Marshall: Anyway you could set it up for Friday?

President Johnson: Sure, sure. We'll do it Friday morning 11 o'clock.

Marshall: Eleven o'clock?

President Johnson: Yes, sir.

Marshall: I'll be there.

President Johnson: Be here at 11 o'clock Friday.

Marshall: Will do.

President Johnson: Bye.

Marshall: Thank you.

President Johnson: Thank you.

Marshall: Bye.

According to President Johnson's daily appointments diary, he and Marshall met at the White House on Friday July 9 from 11:42 AM to 12:10 PM.

Original tape courtesy of LBJ Library. This transcript is a working draft. Please let us know if you find important errors.