Lyndon Johnson, Harry Truman

The operators connect the call.

President Johnson: Hello?

Harry Truman: Hello?

President Johnson: How are you our friend?

Truman: Well, how are you Mr. President?

Truman: Just doing fine. Are you feeling all right?

Truman: Yes, I’m feeling all right.

President Johnson: You playing any poker these days?

Truman: [laughs] Don’t have a chance.

President Johnson: Old Clark [Clifford] —

Truman: I would if I could.

President Johnson: Old Clark Clifford and I were talking the other night about when we used to go down on the boat with you on—have--

Truman: [laughs] We had a good time on the boat trips, didn't we?

President Johnson: We sure did. We enjoyed it.

Truman: And I lost money every time.

President Johnson: Do you feel like my coming out to see you anytime soon?

Truman: Any time you say.

President Johnson: I’ll give you a day’s notice, and I thought maybe I’d just fly out there sometime in the next week or ten days and—

Truman: Well, whenever you come I’ll be available.

President Johnson: All right.

Truman: You let me know a day ahead of time so I'll be sure to be here.

President Johnson: I will. Don’t you say a word about it until I call you.

Truman: Oh, I won't say a word about it—

President Johnson: I’ll call you, and I just want to come visit with you and have a little talk with you.

Truman: Whenever I’m in touch with the President he does the talking, I don’t.

President Johnson: God bless you. Well, I’ll be in touch with you in a few days.

Truman: All right.

President Johnson: Bye.

Truman: Whenever you’re ready.

President Johnson: Give my love to Mrs. Truman.

Truman: I’ll do that.

Original tape courtesy of LBJ Library. This transcript is a working draft. Please let us know if you find important errors.