Lyndon Johnson, Harry Truman, Lady Bird Johnson, Luci Baines Johnson
LBJ Ranch

President Johnson: Hello?

Harry Truman: Hello?

President Johnson: Mr. President?

Truman: Well, how are you?

President Johnson: I read on the ticker where you were thinking about going to Israel.

Truman: Yes, and I’ve decided I can’t go.

President Johnson: Well, I was—

Truman: I can’t get out of reach of my doctor. He’s giving me some special treatments.

President Johnson: Well, I didn’t want you going over there except in my plane if you were going, and I wanted my doctor and your doctor and my plane and anything else that you wanted—

Truman: That would be fine. But I thought I would put if off to fall when they have the building up so we can see what it looks like.

President Johnson: Well, I just didn’t want you gallivanting around on a commercial airliner.

Truman: [chuckling] I appreciate that more than I can tell you.

President Johnson: And I just saw it and I got—I had to get [it] back from Tokyo. [Dean] Rusk is over there in it but I told him to do it, and it would be back tonight, and I wanted it—if you’re going anywhere anytime I want you to call us and let us take you. I don’t want you running around over the country; you’re too precious.

Truman: [chuckling] Well, I’ll make you a promise: I’ll do that.

President Johnson: Well, please do.

Truman: I will.

President Johnson: And if you need anything out there, if you want any of our people to come see you anytime, quietly,  [unclear] if you want to, [unclear] over at the Walter Reed [Hospital], or any of the Navy people or of the [unclear], or you want Harry Vaughn to come out and see you, I’ll put him on a plane, [unclear comment by Truman] any people you want you please let me know. You’re too modest and—

Truman: Well, that's a promise, but I always hate to interfere with you. I know you’ve got more business than any man's entitled to, and [unclear]—

President Johnson: You don’t interfere. You give me a great deal of pleasure if I could do something to show you how much we appreciate you.

Truman: Well, I appreciate that.

President Johnson: And you tell Mrs. Truman now that if you consider going anywhere, I don’t want to read about it in the paper. You tell your aide to call up the White House and tell them, and let me work on it.

Truman: All right. I’ll agree to do that.

President Johnson: All right, give Mrs. Truman my love.

Truman: I’ll do that.

President Johnson: And when you decide to go in the fall, my plane is available to you anytime you want to go anywhere.

Truman: Well, I appreciate it.

President Johnson: And you’re entitled to it for services rendered.

Truman: Well, I appreciate that too. And I think you’re doing a grand job, and I—

President Johnson: What?

Truman: You’re just right on that Vietnam thing.

President Johnson: Well, God bless you. Wait a minute. Here's Lady Bird wants to tell you how much she loves you and Luci [Baines Johnson] too.

Truman: [chuckling] All right.

Lady Bird Johnson: Mr. President?

Truman: Yes.

Lady Bird Johnson: This is Lady Bird. I just wanted to get on and say to you--I have Luci standing by too--that the—and I’m going to let her really do the talking, but as you know, Luci is being married on the sixth of August.

Truman: Well, that’s wonderful.

Lady Bird Johnson: [with Truman acknowledging] And we just—it’s just not going to be a state affair by any means--this is just going to be the Johnsons and their friends and their kin folks and—but we consider you all—we hope we are fortunate enough to count you and Mrs. Truman among our real friends. 

Truman: That's very nice.

Lady Bird Johnson: And it would be the greatest honor and delight to us, if you felt up to it, if you could come to the wedding.

Truman: Well, I’ll do my best, now. You can be sure of that. But then the doctor--I can’t get out of reach of my doctor. He may be through with me by that time.

Lady Bird Johnson: [laughs] Well, the invitations are going out within the week, but rather than just have an invitation come to you in the mail I wanted to talk to you or Mrs. Truman personally about it, so when I heard my husband talking, I just ran in here and grabbed the phone.

Truman: [laughs] Thats mighty nice.

Lady Bird Johnson: And here’s a young lady that wants to say a word to you.

Truman: Thank you.

Luci Johnson: Mr. Truman?

Truman: Yes.

Luci Johnson: Hi, this is Luci.

Truman: Well, that’s mighty nice.

Luci Johnson: I just wanted to go along with my mother and extend the invitation, and we’d certainly be pleased as we could be if you could make it, but we certainly would understand if—

Truman: Well, I’m going to do it this fall instead of now.

Luci Johnson: Well—you’re a sweetie pie, and it’s been great to talk to you, and take care.

Truman: Well, that’s mighty nice.

Luci Johnson: Thank you much, sir. Here's is my father.

President Johnson: Well, goodbye, Mr. President. Take care of yourself.

Truman: I’ll do it if you do the same. You be very careful. You’re too valuable of a man to risk yourself now.

President Johnson: Give a hug to Mrs. Truman.

Truman: Huh?

President Johnson: Give Mrs. Truman a hug for us.

Truman: [chuckles] What’d you say?

President Johnson: I said give a big hug to Mrs. Truman from all the Johnsons.

Truman: I’ll sure do it.

President Johnson: Goodbye.

Truman: Goodbye.

Original tape courtesy of LBJ Library. This transcript is a working draft. Please let us know if you find important errors.