Thursday, August 25, 1966
Lyndon Johnson, George Meany

The conversation has already begun when the recording starts.

President Johnson: --give you this other appointment.

George Meany: Yes.

President Johnson: [with Meany acknowleding] He said, "All right." So we moved him out, sent his name to the Senate. All the Senate voted for him and confirmed him over on the [Federal] Communications Commission. That place is vacant. That is the man that will make the recommendations to the commissioners.

Meany: Yeah.

President Johnson: Now, I agreed to you to sit down and talk [about] who'd you want on there. Maybe we want [John] Hennings [sic: Henning] or somebody. I don't care who has it. I have nobody to nominate, but it isn't that I made him a promise I haven't kept. I made a promise to appoint a committee. I did. I made a promise to consider the report of the committee. I have it. I'm ready to. I've got a man assigned to do nothing but that. But I want the Secretary that will make the decision to be in on it, you see. And as it is, I don't want to put it back over in Commerce because each one of them will spilt apart. Now, I don't believe that [Paul] Hall understands this.

Meany: Well, I-- I think he does. And I think that he feels that they were trimmed in the sense that this thing has dragged on now to over two and a half years and there's been no changes, you see. And they're pretty bitter. Although he said, he promised me he would still try to reach in and see if he could find some agreement there with his people who are over on the Hill there now.

President Johnson: Well, the agreement they ought to have is this: that we will appoint fair men on this. They will take his report. They will digest it. We'll discuss it with him, and we'll do it at the highest level. And I don't believe that [Gerald] Ford can help him. I don't believe--

Meany: No.

President Johnson: --he can do much good on it, and I think you can, if he lets you.

Meany: Well, I'll keep working on it.

President Johnson: Thank you.

Meany: Bye.

Original tape courtesy of LBJ Library. This transcript is a working draft. Please let us know if you find important errors.