Friday, October 14, 1966 - 4:28pm
Lyndon Johnson, Richard Daley

President Johnson: Yes, sir?

Richard Daley: Hiya pal, how are you doing?

President Johnson: Pretty good, pretty good. Have you--

Daley: I hear you're still rousing the crowds wherever you go.

President Johnson: --are you . . . are you wearing the scars of battle these days?

Daley: Well, we don't wear them, we shove them away from us--we tell them about our record.

President Johnson: [laughs] Well, you--

Daley: Don't you let them worry about the scars of battle. You're doing all right. 

President Johnson: You're wonderful.

Daley: And to hell with them.

President Johnson: I--

Daley: We--you sent that telegram to me--

President Johnson: Yes.

Daley: --but I'll tell you, [Paul Howard] Douglas wanted [Robert F.] Kennedy to come out here.

President Johnson: Yes.

Daley: He's coming out tomorrow. We're going to have--

President Johnson: Good.

Daley: --five or six big rallies. What about yourself coming out--

President Johnson: Well, I--

Daley: --or will you be able to, on the way back from . . . When will you be back from Manila [Philippines]?

President Johnson: Um--

Daley: Hell, we'd really like to give you an old Chicago welcome, [unclear]--

President Johnson: We'll just check--

Daley: --we always do and we love it.

President Johnson: I'll sure try to when I come back, let me--

Daley: I think it'd help--you will be able--you'll help tremendously.

President Johnson: Just one second. Wait just a minute, Dick.

President Johnson speaks aside with an unidentified person in his office asking him to pass a message to Walt Rostow.

President Johnson: Go ahead, Dick, I just had to--

Daley: Keep going. Don't let them--I liked what you said, "We're not going to falter. We're not going to fall back. We're going ahead."

President Johnson: Well--

Daley: --and don't worry a hell of a lot, as you said, about this poll and the popularity thing. You know, many times when a fella takes a stand, he does--right at the present time, the people don't get it fast enough, but when you're talking social security to the fellas as you did the other night, we all sat around our family home and my wife said, "Well, there's a man with a heart. He's talking about these poor people, and all of us know that they're in these nursing homes, which are a damn disgrace throughout the entire country."

President Johnson: Well, they are and we're going to have a program next year that'll knock them off of their corners on that. [Unclear interjection by Daley] I think that there's a good deal of this in the Literary Digest and the [unclear magazine] and old Harkness. They were talking this way about [Harry] Truman. [Speaking over Daley] I just read his stuff yesterday because every place I've been I just can't find it. And I--they hired a couple of them, you know.

Daley: Do you remember the way he talked about [Franklin D.] Roosevelt? Do you remember the way they talked about [John F.] Kennedy?

President Johnson: [laughs] Oh, I remember Roosevelt had just lost his popularity and he didn't have a chance for a third term and they launched poor old [John Nance "Cactus Jack"] Garner out there and Garner got far enough in front, he couldn't carry two states.

Daley: Every time you show up any place, they're in the streets, they're in the windows. There's crowds of people. And what--well, as long as that keeps happening, don't you worry about these columnists and all that.

President Johnson: Where--

Daley: What are you going to do tomorrow at this meeting with the mayors?

President Johnson: I'm just going to talk to then about the inflation picture and our problems. You don't need to come, I'll--I've said everything to you.

Daley: All right, I wish you could, Mr. President. We'd really love you out here.

President Johnson: You talk to Douglas. Are you going to lose any congressmen?

Daley: No, no, we're liable to pick up one or two.

President Johnson: God, I hope you do.

Daley: We've got this [unclear] in good shape. We've been doing a lot of things for him, that young fella downstate. We've got--we won't lose anything in here, and we might pick up one or two in the suburbs. We've got some pretty good candidates. We've got a doctor--

President Johnson: You really work on that. That's awfully important. Is Paul going to make it?

Daley: Paul'll make it, yes, he'll make it. We are moving along with him, you know. He was pretty down in the dumps, but the organization is starting to move and we're doing a lot of things to--

President Johnson: You, you let--you let--you talk to Paul and talk to Marvin Watson and tell him, tell him what you want and when. We'll see if we can work out something.

Daley: Well, I'd love it, and nice to talk to you. Say hello to Mrs. [Lady Bird] Johnson and the family and have a wonderful trip. I like that idea of you going there. And don't let anyone tell you that it isn't a good move. And as I said to you back in August, hell, I think you could meet with the other guy, whatever the hell his name is, in Hanoi and settle the thing out if you ever get a chance to have him sit down with you.

President Johnson: Thank you, Dick.

Daley: Fine, Mr. President, nice to talk to you.

President Johnson: All right, bye.

Original tape courtesy of LBJ Library. This transcript is a working draft. Please let us know if you find important errors.