Wednesday, November 9, 1966 - 5:22pm - 5:24pm
Lyndon Johnson, Robert Docking
LBJ Ranch

In Kansas, Robert Docking, the son of a former Kansas Democratic governor, defeated the incumbent Republican governor William H. Avery in a tight race.

President Johnson: Hello?

Robert 'Bob' Docking: Mr. President?

President Johnson: Yes.

Docking: This is Bob Docking.

President Johnson: Congratulations, Governor. How are you?

Docking: Well, thank you, Mr. President.

President Johnson: Mighty proud of you. You're one of the real breaths of fresh air.

Docking: Well, thank you so much, sir. I wanted to call you and to assure you of the support of my administration in Kansas for your administration for our country.

President Johnson: Well, thank you so much, and you'll surely have mine. And I wanted very much to come there and would have, except I was crippled and kind of waning the past few days.1 But, I'm glad that you could win like you did, and it gives us a great comfort. And we really think a lot of Kansas and we want to do anything and everything we can to be helpful to you. 

Docking: Well, thank you so much. Mr. President, I hope that someday after, you know, after you're fully, completely recovered that I might have the opportunity to come back to Washington to seek advice and counsel--

President Johnson: You just anytime you want to give us--Marvin Watson a ring and we'll set it up the next day.

Docking: All right, fine. And all the family and my mother wish you the greatest success in your operation. 

President Johnson: Well--

Docking: And a speedy recovery.

President Johnson: --we've got our fingers crossed, and we think it's all right. And I'm going to count you on the team.

Docking: Well, I want very much to be a member of the team. And I appreciate that so much.

President Johnson: Thank you for calling.

Docking: Thank you for returning my call. 

President Johnson: Bye. 

  • 1. On November 3, the White House had announced that President Johnson was suspending his campaign appearances in order to prepare for minor surgery to correct a defect in the scar from his gall bladder operation the previous year as well as to have a small polyp removed from near his vocal cord. John W. Finney, "President Faces Minor Surgery; Calls Off Tour," New York Times, 4 November 1966, p.1.

Original tape courtesy of LBJ Library. This transcript is a working draft. Please let us know if you find important errors.