Saturday, April 6, 1968 - 10:55am - 10:57am
Lyndon Johnson, John Stennis

Operators connect the call.

President Johnson: Senator?

John Stennis: Yeah, good morning, Mr. President.

President Johnson: How are you?

Stennis: Oh--

President Johnson: By God, you're a hard man to find. Had to get the FBI after you.

Stennis: Yeah, I took a little--a trip through town down there just to get the feel of things.1

President Johnson: Uh uh.

Stennis: God bless you in all your efforts everywhere. I wrote you a note.

President Johnson: Where are you?

Stennis: I'm at my office. I'm here alone.

President Johnson: Would you mind riding down here and visiting with me a little bit with General [William] Westmoreland?

Stennis: Oh, I'd be delighted to, of course.

President Johnson: All right. I'll leave word. I'll leave word. You come to the Treasury gate. That's the gate next to the Treasury [building]. Come in the back of the White House, that diplomatic entrance, where you come in. Come on up to the Mansion. We're sitting here talking with Dick Russell, and he'll probably be gone [by] the time you get here.

Stennis: Yeah. Yeah.

President Johnson: He's got to go, but we'll visit and have a cup of coffee.

Stennis: All right. Thank you so much. That's the southwest gate?

President Johnson: No, it's the one near the Treasury. You know where if you come right down Pennsylvania Avenue and the first one you run into.

Stennis: Oh, yes. I know. All right.

President Johnson: But I'll tell them anyway, and--

Stennis: All right.

President Johnson: OK.

Stennis: I'll be there. Thank you.

  • 1. Stennis was referring to the civil unrest on the streets of downtown Washington, near the White House.

Original tape courtesy of LBJ Library. This transcript is a working draft. Please let us know if you find important errors.