Monday, April 8, 1968 - 6:38pm - 6:40pm
Lyndon Johnson, Cyrus Vance

Deputy Secretary of Defense Cyrus Vance gave President Johnson an update on the civil unrest in Washington DC in the wake of Dr. Martin Luther King's assassination.

Cyrus Vance: --in the following precincts: the Second Precinct, which is the one I mentioned to you this afternoon, is a troublesome one. The Thirteenth Precinct, to the North of that--these are in the 7th Street area, and going over towards 14th Street. I have expected trouble in the Ninth Precinct, although General O'Malley comes in and says that the situation is now better there than it has been at any other time. However, my own guess is that it may prove fairly hot there during the night. There were some rumors a short while ago that things were acting in up in the Fourteenth and the Eleventh, which is Anacostia, and the adjacent area. Those have not checked out. We checked them out recently with [Metropolitan Police Department Police] Chief [John B.] Layton here, and it is fairly quiet over there. But I think, again, this is a possible area which has not erupted, but it might, and we're going to patrol it very heavily during--

The recording cuts off.

Original tape courtesy of LBJ Library. This transcript is a working draft. Please let us know if you find important errors.