Wednesday, April 7, 1971 - 11:14pm - 11:21pm
Richard Nixon, Henry Kissinger
White House Telephone



President Nixon: Hello?

Operator: Mr. Kissinger. There you are.

President Nixon: Henry?

Henry Kissinger: Mr. President.

President Nixon: I don't know whether . . . you may have thought of this before, or [Deputy National Security Adviser Alexander M.] Haig or somebody has, but somebody should get ahold of Mrs. [Karl] Taylor. She'll—the press will be after her. To be sure she stands firm.1

Kissinger: Absolutely. We'll do that.

President Nixon: Now, who will do that?

Kissinger: We'll—I'll do it.

President Nixon: You call her and tell her that the President mentioned . . . and that he was greatly moved by that. And you call me back, OK?

Kissinger: Right.

President Nixon: I'll be here for 15 minutes.

Kissinger: Right.

President Nixon: Fine. Bye.


1 At the conclusion of his 7 April 1971 television address on Vietnam, Nixon dramatically set aside his written copy of the speech and delivered a rehearsed “ad lib” conclusion. He told how Marine Sergeant Karl G. Taylor died rushing a machine gun nest to save his fellow soldiers in Vietnam. His little boy, Kevin, attended the White House ceremony where Sergeant Taylor was honored posthumously with the Congressional Medal of Honor. Kevin saluted President Nixon. (↑)

Original tape courtesy of the Nixon Library. This transcript is a working draft. Please let us know if you find important errors.