Monday, April 12, 1971 - 7:23pm - 9:25pm
Richard Nixon, Henry Kissinger
White House Telephone



President Nixon: Hello.

Operator: Dr. [Henry] Kissinger, sir.

Henry Kissinger: Mr. President?

President Nixon: Have you finished your meeting, or are you still having it?

Kissinger: I still have it; it will last another five or ten minutes.

President Nixon: Yeah, yeah. Are you going out to dinner?

Kissinger: I have a different—No, I was going to stay here.

President Nixon: Yeah. Do you want to come over, and we'll give you something to eat here?

Kissinger: Oh, well, that's very nice.

President Nixon: Why don't you come over to the Lincoln Room just as soon as you can finish. I'll tell him to serve it in about ten minutes. Can you be here in ten minutes? Or longer?

Kissinger: Could I make it 15?

President Nixon: Fifteen minutes is fine.

Kissinger: Good.

President Nixon: All right.

Kissinger: I'll be over in 15 minutes, sir.

President Nixon: Right.

Original tape courtesy of the Nixon Library. This transcript is a working draft. Please let us know if you find important errors.