Tuesday, April 20, 1971 - 4:59pm - 5:01pm
Richard Nixon, John Mitchell, Sue Morrison
White House Telephone


President Nixon: Hello?

Operator: I have Mrs. Morrison [Attorney General John N. Mitchell's secretary] on.

Sue Morrison: Hello?

John Mitchell: Hello?

Morrison: Yes, sir.

Mitchell: This is Sue.

Morrison: Yes.

Mitchell: It is.

Morrison: Oh, goodness, they said the President and I was—didn't know I was going to talk.

Mitchell: Yeah. Just a minute.

[Mitchell hands the phone to President Nixon.]

President Nixon: Hello?

Morrison: Yes, Mr. President.

President Nixon: Yeah. I wanted to see what the attorney general's schedule was tomorrow morning. Would you check it to see what is he—what you've got for him?

Morrison: I certainly will.

President Nixon: Up to—between, say, 9:00 and 11:00, how's he look?

Morrison: From 9:30 to 11:30--

President Nixon: Yeah.

Morrison: —he's free, Mr. President.

President Nixon: He's free?

Morrison: Yes, sir.

President Nixon: 9:30. What's he doing before 9:30?

Morrison: He is to speak at the HEW [Health Education and Welfare] staff meeting. That's a very—

President Nixon: HEW staff meeting?

Morrison: Yes, sir.

President Nixon: Well, he should not cancel that. And be through at 9:30?

Morrison: Yes, sir. He's scheduled to be through at 9:30, so he could be at your office by quarter of 10.

President Nixon: [Speaking off the line] Well, what is this thing here, 11:30? Quarter of 10. Huh?

Morrison: Yes, sir. [Mitchell can be heard indistinctly in the background.]

President Nixon: [aside, to Mitchell] Well, let's see—9:30. Well fine, why don't you come over after that staff meeting. After you've done the HEW meeting. Would that be a better time, or the afternoon?

[Background discussion of schedule.]

President Nixon: 4H—what do I do, the 4H at 3:30?

[Background discussion of schedule.]

President Nixon: [to Morrison] How is he—what's his schedule in the afternoon at 4:00?

Morrison: 4:00 he's free, Mr. President.

President Nixon: [to Mitchell] That's better. It'll be freer. Because in the morning I've got [National Security Adviser] Henry [Kissinger] in and all these other . . . [to Morrison] All right, you mark him off if you can work me in, will you?

[Background laughing.]

Morrison: I certainly will.

President Nixon: Thank you [laughs].

Morrison: [laughs] Thank you.

Original tape courtesy of the Nixon Library. This transcript is a working draft. Please let us know if you find important errors.