Friday, April 23, 1971 - 10:35am - 10:38am
Richard Nixon, John Mulcahy
White House Telephone


President Nixon: Hello?
Operator: Mr. Jack Mulcahy, sir.
President Nixon: Yeah.

NARA Excision
Category: Personal Returnable
Duration: 2m 16s

President Nixon: OK?
John Mulcahy: Yes, indeed.
President Nixon: In the meantime, by golly, you take care, you know. We need you.
Mulcahy: Thank you very much.
President Nixon: Yeah, and just incidentally, what do you think of these veterans that are demonstrating up here?
Mulcahy: Well, it's unbelievable. I suppose you always have a-–
President Nixon: Right.
Mulcahy: —a very, very small minority.
President Nixon: Yeah.
Mulcahy: It—
President Nixon: Well, most of them don't feel that way.
Mulcahy: I think you're handling it properly if I may say so. Just it'll run its course. [Unclear.]
President Nixon: Sure. Well, we just continue to do the right thing.
Mulcahy: Good. Well, God bless you [unclear].
President Nixon: Thank you Jack, and good luck.
Mulcahy: Thank you very much.
President Nixon: Bye
Mulcahy: Bye bye.

Original tape courtesy of the Nixon Library. This transcript is a working draft. Please let us know if you find important errors.