Wednesday, April 28, 1971 - 11:03am - 11:06am
Richard Nixon, Pat Nixon
White House Telephone


President Nixon: Yeah?
Operator: Yes, please?
President Nixon: Yeah.
Operator: Yes—
President Nixon: Did you have somebody for me?
Operator: [Unclear]—
President Nixon: Hello?
Operator: Not us, Mr. President.
President Nixon: Mrs. Nixon, he said, it—
Operator: Oh. [Pause.]
President Nixon: [aside to White House Chief of Staff H.R. “Bob” Haldeman] [Defense Secretary] Melvin R. Laird.
Operator: Mrs. Nixon, Mr. President.
President Nixon: Yeah.
Pat Nixon: Dick?
President Nixon: Yeah.
Pat Nixon: You know, I had planned a congressional [wives luncheon], one of the ones, on Monday, and-–
President Nixon: Yeah.
Pat Nixon: —according to the information we have, that's the day that-–
President Nixon: We return.1
Pat Nixon: —they're going to try to stop all Washington-–
President Nixon: Yeah.
Pat Nixon: —the bridges, et cetera and et cetera. 2Do you think–-and some of the ladies have called in-–
President Nixon: Oh, yeah.
Pat Nixon: —and have been kind of concerned.
President Nixon: Yeah, let me just check. I've got Haldeman coming in just now, I'll check with him.
Pat Nixon: Yeah.
President Nixon: Yeah, because they're—he's got the report from the command center.
Pat Nixon: Yeah. Well, will you let me know as soon as possible?
President Nixon: What? No, no, I'll talk to him right now. Hang on.
Pat Nixon: OK.
President Nixon: [aside, to Haldeman] What is the situation on the . . . she has a congressional wives luncheon planned on Monday. That is a day, you know, they're planning to stop traffic and some of the congressional wives have called in to know whether or not it should go forward.
Bob Haldeman: [In the background] [Unclear] business as usual.
President Nixon: [to Mrs. Nixon] Yeah. We really think we ought to go forward. We're going ahead with business as usual, and if they don't get there, let them be irritated by the fact that these people kept them out. Traffic will be cleared by noon, anyway, because we're having the police move in to clear the traffic. So we think you ought to go ahead with it.
Pat Nixon: Mmm-hmm.
President Nixon: I think it'd be good. I think postponing it-–
Pat Nixon: Well, see, this is the idea.
President Nixon: It'd be a very bad-–
Pat Nixon: That if it's going to be bad, our help can't come. They're not going to ask the help to come. Did you know that?
President Nixon: Well, the help?
Pat Nixon: Yes.
President Nixon: Well you—well they sure as hell will.
Pat Nixon: We can't put the party on without the help.
President Nixon: All right, fine. The help will be there. We'll have them stay overnight. We'll arrange it on Sunday. Just have [Chief Usher] Rex [Scouten] check to see what help you need.
Pat Nixon: Mm-hmm.
President Nixon: And to make arrangements for them. He should make arrangements for them to be billeted overnight on Sunday so that they can be in there to do the work in the morning. And it's all taken care of, and we budgeted it here. So you just tell Rex to take care, to get a hold of Bob if he needs any, you know, anything [unclear]. Don't worry about the budget thing. We've got a special fund for that purpose. We'll just have the help stay in a hotel or something like that and then come in. Fair enough?
Pat Nixon: Mm-hmm. OK.
President Nixon: I think it'll work fine.
Pat Nixon: OK.
President Nixon: You see, we just must not appear that [unclear]-–
Pat Nixon: To, yeah, let them change our lives-–
President Nixon: [Unclear] driving us out. Yeah, absolutely. We're not going to let ‘em do it.
Pat Nixon: Mm-hmm.
President Nixon: And if you have half a crowd, that's all right.
Pat Nixon: Mm-hmm.
President Nixon: Fine. OK.
Pat Nixon: Good.
President Nixon: Bye.
1 The President was planning to return from his “Western White House” in San Clemente, California. (↑)
2 Antiwar demonstrators were planning to block traffic. (↑)

Original tape courtesy of the Nixon Library. This transcript is a working draft. Please let us know if you find important errors.