Thursday, April 29, 1971 - 10:50pm - 10:57pm
Richard Nixon, Alexander Butterfield
White House Telephone


Operator: [Deputy Chief of Staff] Mr. [Alexander P.] Butterfield for you, sir.

President Nixon: Yeah.

Alexander Butterfield: Hello.

Operator: There you are.

Butterfield: Mr. President.

President Nixon: Yeah, hi.

Butterfield: Hi, how are you sir? I got a call from Marge Acker a minute ago and she said that you'd want to know what Cabinet members called and I've got them here. I didn't know whether [White House Chief of Staff H.R.] Bob [Haldeman] gave it—

President Nixon: Did any of them call?

Butterfield: Yes, sir, I took the calls from Cabinet members and, of course, we've got five overseas and seven out of town. So that's twelve. But [Treasury Secretary John B.] Connally called from Texas. [Attorney General] John Mitchell called from Kentucky. He's down there at the governor's house there, and I guess Rose Mary [Woods] is with him and [Postmaster General] Red Blount called from Alabama.

President Nixon: What did Connally say? [He thought it was all right?]

Butterfield: Yes, sir, yeah, he thought it was great, he had all kinds of plaudits for you, and wanted very much to get through. In fact, he held for you [unclear].

President Nixon: I'll call him back.

Butterfield: OK, and then [Agriculture Secretary Clifford M.] Hardin called and [Health, Education and Welfare Secretary Elliot L.] Richardson and [Housing and Urban Development Secretary] Romney.

President Nixon: Fine, OK.

Butterfield: Now, sir, I wasn't going to be here in the morning. I've got one bill that needs to get signed. I guess we could get you to sign it right after that breakfast, unless you want to sign tonight. I don't suppose you do.

President Nixon: Bring it over, bring it over. Just [unclear].

Butterfield: All right, sir, yeah, or I'll get [Jon M. ]Huntsman to do it if they're not going to be there.

President Nixon: Oh, Huntsman, sure, sure, sure, sure, sure.

Butterfield: OK, that's good. Thank you.

President Nixon: [Unclear.]

Butterfield: All right.

Original tape courtesy of the Nixon Library. This transcript is a working draft. Please let us know if you find important errors.