Wednesday, May 12, 1971 - 3:33pm - 3:34pm
Richard Nixon, Gerald Ford
White House Telephone

Operator: Mr. President, [House Minority Leader] Congressman Gerald Ford [R-Michigan].

President Nixon: Yeah, wait just a--”

Operator: Ready.

Gerald Ford: Hello.

President Nixon: Hello.

Ford: Mr. President?

President Nixon: Jerry, I understand it's pretty close, huh?

Ford: We won in a recorded teller vote 201 to 195.1

President Nixon: Yeah, mm-hmm.

Ford: And it's going to be just as close on the next vote.

President Nixon: You won't--”you aren't going to lose any, though, out of your--”

Ford: I think we're going to win.

President Nixon: You aren't going to lose any of your 201. The point is, I suppose, that the others are just frantic, huh?

Ford: Yeah, and--”

President Nixon: But do you--”don't you have, I hope, a couple that you saved out, haven't you?

Ford: Yes.

President Nixon: Have you?

Ford: Yep.

President Nixon: Good. Save them out, save them out.

Ford: If we do win, I've got about ten fellows, that a letter from you would be, you know--”

President Nixon: Well. Yep.

Ford:--”a real help.

President Nixon: Well, well, let me say that as soon as the vote occurs, you call me.

Ford: OK.

President Nixon: What time will it occur?

Ford: Oh, in another hour.

President Nixon: In an hour?

Ford: We'll be through with it in another, because we have to finish the bill and then we have a motion to recommit, and then we have a--”then we'll have a separate--”well, we'll have a separate vote on the amendment, a recorded vote. So it'll be an hour before we get the result, that's what I meant to say.

President Nixon: Yeah. As soon as you get the result, let me know, will you?

Ford: I sure will, Mr. President.

President Nixon: Fine. Fine. [chuckling] Good luck.

Ford: We got some guys that stood up, believe me.

President Nixon: Did you?

Ford: You're damn right.

President Nixon: Yeah, have you got any--”you sure you got two or three in your pocket?

Ford: Yep.

President Nixon: That will shift?

Ford: At least they've told us that . . . [chuckles].

President Nixon: Well, by God, make them go it.

Ford: We will.

President Nixon: Tell them everything counts, now, they're this close, and let's win it.

Ford: All right.

President Nixon: Fine, Jerry.

Ford: OK, thank you for calling, M--”


1 The House had voted to resume financing the Supersonic Transport. New York Times, 13 May 1971, --œRoll-Call Vote in House on Financing of SST Project.-- (↑)

Original tape courtesy of the Nixon Library. This transcript is a working draft. Please let us know if you find important errors.