Friday, June 4, 1971 - 11:18am - 11:20am
Richard Nixon, Craig Hosmer
White House Telephone

President Nixon: Yeah?
White House Operator: Congressman Craig Hosmer [R-California], sir. Ready.
President Nixon: Hello?
Craig Hosmer: Mr. President.
President Nixon: Since you missed our meeting, when we had--”on breeder reactor, you know--”
Hosmer: Right.
President Nixon: --”I wanted you to know that we sent the message today, Craig, but that I just told [White House Press Secretary Ronald L.]Ziegler . . . I told Ziegler to tell the press that it was a bipartisan effort that you and [Representative Chester E.]Holifield [D-California]--”
Hosmer: Fine, fine.
President Nixon: --”and so forth had been bugging me about it--”
Hosmer: [Chuckles.]
President Nixon: The one thing that I wanted to tell you too, is that I--”Holifield was there last night at the [Unclear.]Club thing, and I told the people around here--”now, this has got to be something we play very close to the vest--”but I'm being ruthless on one thing. Any activities that we possibly can should be placed in southern California in this field and also in the saline water field.
Hosmer: Good.
President Nixon: You know, we need the jobs, we need to sop up those air [Unclear.] workers. Now, we got some . . . we're going to do a couple of new things on water, for example. And I've decided to throw one big plant into southern California. I mean, you know, a big--”one of these implementing, you know what I mean--”
Hosmer: Right, right, right.
President Nixon: --”it's just a question how big the plant is. And this will be one that will go there. But in this energy field, I told [White House Science Adviser]Dr. [Edward E.]David and, of course, [Atomic Energy Commission Chairman Glenn T.]Seaborg and the rest that we do it. So on the committee, every time you have a chance, needle them, say, "Where is this going to be?" Let's push the California thing. Can you do that?
Hosmer: All right, will do. Incidentally, Mr. President, I'm so delighted that you released that $16 million on the--”
President Nixon: Mm-hmm.
Hosmer: --”improvement of the enriching complex.
President Nixon: Good, good.
Hosmer: I bet that handles the bad political problem for us.
President Nixon: Right, right. Good, good.
Hosmer: [Unclear.] it unplugs some [Unclear.].
President Nixon: Well, they told me you were interested in it, and I said, "Well, if Hosmer is for it, I'm for it." [Hosmer and President Nixon laugh.]
Hosmer: Thank you very much.
President Nixon: Well, good, but I didn't want you to know--”feel--”I wanted you to know that I was aware of your interest, and that--”
Hosmer: Oh, yes, yes.
President Nixon: --”but you were out in California at the time of the meeting, you see.
Hosmer: Chet has worked very closely with me, and--”
President Nixon: Well, he told me--”as a matter of fact, he told me on the plane going out, he said, "Look, Hosmer and I have just been like together--”"
Hosmer: His statement that he has given, we've got special orders this afternoon--”
President Nixon: Good.
Hosmer: --”and he does nothing but compliment you for 17 pages.
President Nixon: Well, when you--”if you talk, would you . . . you might say that I called and expressed appre[ciation]--”and pointed out that this was a bipartisan initiative, and that the problem was . . . there are two things. The problem of more energy is bipartisan, and the problem of clean environment--”a clean source of energy--”is bipartisan, and this is something that we're going to work together on, and all that. OK?
Hosmer: Fine and dandy, sir.
President Nixon: All right.
Hosmer: Thank you very much, Mr. President.

Original tape courtesy of the Nixon Library. This transcript is a working draft. Please let us know if you find important errors.