Friday, June 4, 1971 - 8:25pm - 8:27pm
Richard Nixon, Rose Mary Woods
White House Telephone

President Nixon: Hello?
Rose Mary Woods: Hello?
President Nixon: Rose?
Woods: Yes, sir.
President Nixon: Are you home?
Woods: Yes.
President Nixon: Yeah.
Woods: I just came home.
President Nixon: I was . . . I think maybe I want to do a text not very long on this dedication tomorrow.1 And it can be done in the morning. I mean, I can have it there around 8:30. So . . .
Woods: OK, is it the one they sent over to you?
President Nixon: No, no. I'm cutting that down. Yeah, they sent me a very long text, but I . . . Did you type that, or what?
Woods: No. I saw it and I started it, and I realized that you would never give that.
President Nixon: It's too long, yeah. Well, I'm going to cut it.
Woods: It's too long, and it's too dull. Most of it.
President Nixon: Yeah, yeah. So I'm going to cut most of it. I'm going to cut it down. But I want to take the first part and the last part and put it out. So . . .
Woods: Well, I'll be back over there--”
President Nixon: Well.
Woods: --”in a few minutes because [White House Press Secretary]Ron [Ziegler]will have to run it tonight. I mean, his people will have to run it.
President Nixon: I see. Yeah.
Woods: Because you leave at 9:30, I think.
President Nixon: Nine-thirty, yeah. Mm-hmm. I'm having breakfast with [Vice President Spiro T.] Agnew in the morning at 8:30. Yeah, OK. Well, I'll have it ready. I'll work on it to have it ready in a half hour.
Woods: OK.
President Nixon: All right, fine.
Woods: All right, fine.

1Nixon was speaking at the dedication of the McClellan-Kerr Arkansas River navigation system. ↑

Original tape courtesy of the Nixon Library. This transcript is a working draft. Please let us know if you find important errors.