Monday, June 7, 1971 - 10:40am - 10:42am
Richard Nixon, Adele Rogers
White House Telephone

President Nixon: Yeah.
White House Operator: Mrs. [Adele] Rogers, Mr. President.1
President Nixon: Yeah.
Adele Rogers: Mr. President.
President Nixon: Hello.
Rogers: Good morning, Mr. President.
President Nixon: Well, you're busy at Cornell, I understand.
Rogers: Oh, just trustee meetings.
President Nixon: Oh, I see. Fine. Well, I had nothing on my mind except to call you--”I was at Camp David yesterday--”and tell you that we were all talking about your party, and everybody just thought it was great, and they particularly thought you did such a fine job on your own remarks. And I said, "Well, my God, you're smart." [Rogers laughs.] I said, "You should be speaking all the time."
Rogers: Ah, you're kind.
President Nixon: Yeah.
Rogers: What you said was so nice, and the diplomats just loved it.
President Nixon: Well, they're--”
Rogers: You and Tricia are dear. I know because it was something that she wouldn't enjoy basically. To let the diplomats have that chance to meet, because it does mean a . . .
President Nixon: They had gone through and met her before, didn't they?
Rogers: Oh, yes. In the line.
President Nixon: They did meet her. Good, good, good.
Rogers: They were thrilled . . .
President Nixon: Yeah. The reason that we didn't come, I didn't think it was right for us to be in line. We'd met them all and go through the hand [Unclear.], and it put them front and center, which was the right thing to do.
Rogers: [with Nixon acknowledging]They were so thrilled to have the chance to meet the two young people, you know. And you could just see them practically rushing out to cablegram to write home--”
President Nixon: Right, right. Right. Well--”
Rogers: --”that they just met her. And your words made it lovely. They were thrilled.
President Nixon: You just did a great job, and we just wanted you to know it.
Rogers: Well, you're dear to call.
President Nixon: OK.
Rogers: And I appreciate it.
President Nixon: Go get brainwashed up there.
Rogers: No [laughs].
President Nixon: OK.
Rogers: Fine.
President Nixon: Bye.
Rogers: Thank you so much.

1Adele Rogers was the wife of Secretary of State William P. Rogers. ↑

Original tape courtesy of the Nixon Library. This transcript is a working draft. Please let us know if you find important errors.