Monday, June 7, 1971 - 2:46pm - 2:47pm
Richard Nixon, James Hughes
White House Telephone

President Nixon: Yeah.
White House Operator: General [James D. "Don"] Hughes, sir.
General James D. Hughes: Good afternoon, Mr. President.
President Nixon: Don.
Hughes: Yes, sir.
President Nixon: Has [Treasury Secretary John B.] Connally used the Sequoia since he's come back?1
Hughes: I can't answer that, sir.
President Nixon: I don't think so.
Hughes: I don't believe he has. We've offered it to him.
President Nixon: Yeah. Well . . .
Hughes: I could check--”
President Nixon: . . . make a special effort to see that it's offered to him--”
Hughes: Yes, sir. We do--”
President Nixon: --”sometime. I know we're going to use it Thursday night, or something like that--”or Friday or something.
Hughes: Yes, sir.
President Nixon: But . . . I mean, we're not. But offer it to them one night this week, will you? Or next week.
Hughes: Yes, sir. I'll do--”
President Nixon: Follow up to make sure that he knows we want him to use it.
Hughes: Yes, sir. You know that we do that for that and Camp David too. We're . . .
President Nixon: I know. I want him a little bit higher than some of the others, you know. Because they all know, and they'll be bugging you for it, and he will not.
Hughes: But he's the one we push on this.
President Nixon: Good. All right.
Hughes: And sir, thank you for that phone call to Bette [Hughes] last night.
President Nixon: Oh, well, sorry we couldn't be there. We were up at . . . we had to be at Camp David.
Hughes: Yes, sir. Well, she really appreciated it, and I can't tell you how grateful I am.
President Nixon: Great party, right?
Hughes: Yes sir. Thank you, sir. And we will push Mr. Connally . . . Secretary Connally all the time.
President Nixon: I want him to go.
Hughes: Yes, sir.

1The Sequoia was the presidential yacht. ↑

Original tape courtesy of the Nixon Library. This transcript is a working draft. Please let us know if you find important errors.