Wednesday, June 9, 1971 - 10:34am - 10:35am
Richard Nixon, Alexander Butterfield
White House Telephone

President Nixon: Yeah.
White House Operator: [Deputy Chief of Staff] Mr. [Alexander P.] Butterfield.
President Nixon: Did you get that [West German Chancellor Willy] Brandt dinner list finished?
Alexander P. Butterfield: Brandt dinner list--”yes, sir. It is finished. Mm-hmm.
President Nixon: Yeah . . . yeah. Now, did you add business people . . . I mean, supporter types and so forth?
Butterfield: Yes, sir, we did. Well I got--”I filled it in with [White House political operative Charles W. "Chuck"] Colson's suggestions.
President Nixon: Oh, good. Fine.
Butterfield: And we will fill those seats. Incidentally, there are 62 of those big chairs.
President Nixon: Fine. That's exactly what I wanted done. For any of those in the future, we'll use the big chairs and have 62 people.
Butterfield: Yeah.
President Nixon: And not so overloaded with State and all that sort of people.
Butterfield: Well, yeah.
President Nixon: You know, this time we invited a lot of them.
Butterfield: Yeah, we already had a head start on all the government people--”
President Nixon: I know.
Butterfield: --”which is too bad. We had some poor guidelines I guess on that, but I think that we rectified the situation.
President Nixon: Yeah, I understand. I understand. Which is perfectly all right this time, but in the future, just have the usual few number of government people, because figuring that nothing . . . that it's pure therapy, and that nothing is going to be discussed.
Butterfield: Yes, sir. Sure.
President Nixon: Yeah, all right. Fine.
Butterfield: All right, sir. Bye.

Original tape courtesy of the Nixon Library. This transcript is a working draft. Please let us know if you find important errors.