Friday, January 19, 1973 - 11:56am - 11:59am
Richard Nixon, Julie Nixon Eisenhower
White House Telephone

In this telephone call, the President and his daughter, Julie, discuss arrangements for the following day's inauguration ceremony and the various associated festivities that had been held.

President Nixon: Hello?

White House Operator: Julie.

Julie Nixon Eisenhower: Daddy?

President Nixon: [I] just wanted to know how things went last night.

Julie Nixon Eisenhower: Oh, it was just fine.

President Nixon: Fine.

Julie Nixon Eisenhower: It really was. How are you? You sound tired.

President Nixon: Do I really?

Julie Nixon Eisenhower: No. You just did when you first answered the phone.

President Nixon: Oh, no, no, no. That's fine. Fine.

Julie Nixon Eisenhower: Good. Daddy, I wanted to ask you one thing: the concert hall's box seats 12 and the other 2 boxes seat 8. Do we want to invite the Marriotts to sit with us, or do we want just to have the 6 of us?

President Nixon: No, the six of us should sit.

Julie Nixon Eisenhower: OK.

President Nixon: I think that's important in this occasion. Oh, well, sure the Marriott's can sit.

Julie Nixon Eisenhower: No, I don't want them. I just want to make sure--

President Nixon: Yeah.

Julie Nixon Eisenhower: I just wanted to know if you thought it would look empty. I don't think it will, or I--

President Nixon: No, no. They'll have somebody. I think the six of us should be there.

Julie Nixon Eisenhower: Fine.

President Nixon: We'll have--

Julie Nixon Eisenhower: And, Daddy, the other thing I wanted to ask you: Mrs. [Alice Roosevelt] Longworth, apparently, is sick.1

President Nixon: Oh.

Julie Nixon Eisenhower: She's spitting up blood and everything, so she can't come.

President Nixon: Oh, boy.

Julie Nixon Eisenhower: Yeah. She can't come. So, there is that extra seat on the front row. Do we want to put Rose [Mary Woods] there? It might be awfully nice. You know, she's been such a great friend and [unclear].

President Nixon: You mean in the conc[ert], in the box?

Julie Nixon Eisenhower: No, I mean at the inaugural--on the--when you give your address.

President Nixon: Fine.

Julie Nixon Eisenhower: In that front row.

President Nixon: Very, very good idea.

Julie Nixon Eisenhower: I think it'd be really nice. Only if you think it's good, because I don't know.

President Nixon: Yeah. Yeah. Put her there. That's a very good thought, very nice thought. Right. Right.

Julie Nixon Eisenhower: Good. Alrighty.

President Nixon: Mrs. Longworth--

Julie Nixon Eisenhower: It'll be a nice touch. The people would like the idea that she's been loyal and all that.

President Nixon: Yeah. She's really that sick is she, Mrs. Longworth?

Julie Nixon Eisenhower: Apparently she is. I'm so disappointed she can't come. Listen, the weather is beautiful!

President Nixon: It's coming along.

Julie Nixon Eisenhower: It's 60 [degrees].

President Nixon: Yeah. We hope it stays about half this way tomorrow.

Julie Nixon Eisenhower: Oh, it'll be great.

President Nixon: I got your little note. That's fine. I'll go to--tell--some time in the next two weeks I'll go over and see [Dr. William] Chase.

Julie Nixon Eisenhower: Sure.

President Nixon: —have him come in. And--but were the events yesterday well done, well handled?

Julie Nixon Eisenhower: Yes. Oh, listen. The salute--Mother was just mobbed at the [Spiro] Agnew reception, and the stories have been great.

President Nixon: Well, good.

Julie Nixon Eisenhower: We saw everybody and mingled. And we're going to go over today to the Heritage [House] thing, and it'll be just marvelous, I know. Very good. And then, last night, Mrs. Hope sat with us in the box, and it was--he [Bob Hope] was so great. It was a nice evening.

President Nixon: That was a salute to the states?

Julie Nixon Eisenhower: Right.

President Nixon: Right. [Unclear] he did a good job, as usual.

Julie Nixon Eisenhower: He did. Yeah.

President Nixon: And did they- and I suppose that you and Mommy got a good reception, huh?

Julie Nixon Eisenhower: Yeah, we did. We got a great reception. Mommy, you know, they all stood and applauded.

President Nixon: Right. Right. Right. Right. Yeah. That's good.

Julie Nixon Eisenhower: It was very nice.

President Nixon: That's good, sweetie. But I--we'll have a good time tonight. I don't know about the Marriotts. I mean, frankly--

Julie Nixon Eisenhower: Frankly, I think just the family. I just--

President Nixon: I think it just--I think it's just--I just don't think we ought to have anybody else there. I think it should just be the family, and then everybody will understand.

Julie Nixon Eisenhower: Good. I think so, too.

President Nixon: [Unclear] wonder who those people are. We'll do nice things for the Marriottss.

Julie Nixon Eisenhower: Oh, no. We don't have to do anything for them. They're very happy.

President Nixon: Sure.

Julie Nixon Eisenhower: Yeah.

President Nixon: Sure. Sure. Sure.Sure.

Julie Nixon Eisenhower: OK.

President Nixon: All right. Fine. Fine. Bye.

Julie Nixon Eisenhower: OK. Bye.

  • 1. Alice Roosevelt Longworth was the eldest child of President Theodore Roosevelt.

Original tape courtesy of the Nixon Library. This transcript is a working draft. Please let us know if you find important errors.