Tuesday, January 23, 1973 - 9:10am - 9:14am
Richard Nixon, Richard Kennedy
White House Telephone

President Nixon: Yeah.

White House Operator: Colonel Kennedy, sir.

President Nixon: Hello.

Colonel Richard Kennedy: Good morning, Mr. President.

President Nixon: What's the report from Paris?

Kennedy: I haven't got it yet, sir. As a matter of fact, I was just on my way down to the office--General [Brent] Scowcroft was in--and I was on my way down now.

President Nixon: I see. Oh, fine. Fine.

Kennedy: I'll be down there in about ten minutes and [will] come by.

President Nixon: Fine. I'm just trying to get in my own mind; I think he was supposed to call us by this time, wasn't he, so that we could--

Kennedy: Right. And he--

President Nixon: 2:00 [P.M.] Paris time.

Kennedy: That's right. And he's too--my understanding is, now, he's going to leave immediately after lunch.

President Nixon: Which would be about now.

Kennedy: About now. And due in here about 6:00 [P.M.]

President Nixon: Right. What I was going to--what I was trying to get at--you don't have--I'll give Scowcroft a call. I'll find out what the--

Kennedy: But I'll be along [unclear]--

President Nixon: No, no. No. Don't worry about it. You handle it. You handle it. What I would just like to know as to when--there was no--you know, there was a lot of banging back and forth for the [Lyndon] Johnson funeral. But the latest that I heard last night was that he's still planning to come on. Isn't that right? To wrap it up. Or had we heard that he was going to delay? Had you heard anything later?

Kennedy: No. I think he was going to come back.

President Nixon: Yeah.

Kennedy: And he is--

President Nixon: It's just as well with me. Fine.

Kennedy: Yes. He's due to come back, I think, about 6[:00].

President Nixon: See, we had this problem--

Kennedy: Right.

President Nixon: --of whether or not we should go on with the Johnson day of mourning and the rest, and I finally said that if the North Vietnamese felt any paranoia, get it done.

Kennedy: Well, sir, you know I would think it could be a tribute to President Johnson in any event.

President Nixon: Which I'm going to do, anyway. All right. Thank you. When you get in, just give me a buzz and let me know. I just need to know what the plans are. Right. Fine.

Kennedy: I'll be there shortly.

Original tape courtesy of the Nixon Library. This transcript is a working draft. Please let us know if you find important errors.