Tuesday, April 6, 1971 - 11:19am - 11:21am
Richard Nixon, Alexander Butterfield
White House Telephone

President Nixon: Hello.

White House Operator: Mr. [Alexander P.] Butterfield. Here you are.

President Nixon: Alex?

Alexander Butterfield: Yes, sir.

President Nixon: A quick check on the dinner tonight. My understanding is that we come down alone. We don't bring the dean down with us or any of that sort.

Butterfield: That is correct. He has said no [unclear] group. We were going to pattern it after the African Dinner.

President Nixon: Yeah. Fine, all right. We'll do that.

Butterfield: You come down alone. He--”

President Nixon: He's first in the line, right?

Butterfield: Who's that?

President Nixon: The dean.

Butterfield: Yes, the dean, he's first in line. And you do make some remarks, and he--”

President Nixon: At the end.

Butterfield: --”will respond very briefly. Yes--”

President Nixon: And he responds?

Butterfield: Yes, sir.

President Nixon: Good.

Butterfield: The same as--”

President Nixon: You see, the Africans did respond and I wanted to be sure he had the right to respond.

Butterfield: Yeah, the the Liberian responded before and he will--”he knows he is to respond--”

President Nixon: Right.

Butterfield: --”in brief.

President Nixon: And then after that we just go in and mingle with the crowd for a half hour and that's it?

Butterfield: That's right and we've got the state department guys and [William B.] Macomber--”

President Nixon: Right.

Butterfield: --”there do do their thing.

President Nixon: Great.

Butterfield: Yes, sir.

President Nixon: And there's music and so forth--”

Butterfield: Yes, sir.

President Nixon: --”during the dinner?

Butterfield: Yes, sir.

President Nixon: Is it white tie?

Butterfield: Yes, sir, white tie.

President Nixon: Good.

Butterfield: And. . . .

President Nixon: Good, good, good. All right, fine.

Butterfield: I think we're in good shape. I've got that put together right now.

President Nixon: Great, great that's fine. That's all. I just wanted to be sure that he was going to respond.

Butterfield: Yes, sir.

President Nixon: Thank you.

Butterfield: All right, sir.

Original tape courtesy of the Nixon Library. This transcript is a working draft. Please let us know if you find important errors.