Monday, February 5, 1973 - 2:47pm - 2:50pm
Richard Nixon, Julie Nixon Eisenhower
White House Telephone

President Nixon: Yeah?

Operator: Julie's on.

President Nixon: Hello?

Julie Nixon Eisenhower: Hi, Daddy.

President Nixon: How are you getting along up there?

Julie Nixon Eisenhower: Oh, it's really nice.

President Nixon: Did you see the deer yet?

Julie Nixon Eisenhower: We haven't seen [unclear: the wolf?].

President Nixon: Did you tell--tell [William] Hirsch to find them, or is he not there?

Julie Nixon Eisenhower: No. Hirsch isn't there, so we've been [unclear]. You know, it started to snow and maybe the dog's--the deer's hiding, or something.

President Nixon: No, but they can--tell the commander or somebody around to get the deer. They know where he is.

Julie Nixon Eisenhower: OK.

President Nixon: And you can let me know.

Julie Nixon Eisenhower: Are you still going to be able to get away?

President Nixon: Yeah, we're going to go. That's what I called to tell you: 3:00 [P.M.] Thursday we leave.

Julie Nixon Eisenhower: Isn't that great?

President Nixon: So you and David [Eisenhower] be ready. I'll be out there by 5 [P.M.]. We can eat before--probably eat on the plane at 3 and then eat when we get out there. It'll be about 8:00 our time here.

Julie Nixon Eisenhower: Isn't that great? Good. Good. I called out there today, and there were golf clubs out there and everything, so--

President Nixon: Oh, sure there are. Right. And then I thought with [Florida banker and Nixon friend Charles] Bebe [Rebozo], if you'd like, rather than having him go out with us now--because I've got a lot of work to do on Friday and Saturday--if you could call him and ask if he could come out and be there around Saturday at noon.

Julie Nixon Eisenhower: Yeah. Fine.

President Nixon: See. And then he can spend the afternoon with us if he could be there Saturday at noon.

Julie Nixon Eisenhower: OK. Good.

President Nixon: And then we can have him for Saturday night and Sunday. OK?

Julie Nixon Eisenhower: Yeah, that's great.

President Nixon: Right.

Julie Nixon Eisenhower: And daddy, we checked on [Fate] Suber, and he has to be in the hospital for a while, but the doctor's going to tell him you invited him to Camp David [unclear] when he gets out.

President Nixon: That's good.

Julie Nixon Eisenhower: So, that's really nice.

President Nixon: That's good. I set it in motion this morning.

Julie Nixon Eisenhower: I know you did. That's really great.

President Nixon: OK. Well, you have a great time. It must be pretty with it snowing and everything.

Julie Nixon Eisenhower: It's really pretty. It is.

President Nixon: Been in the pool yet?

Julie Nixon Eisenhower: I--

The call gets disconnected.

Operator: Yes, Mr. President?

President Nixon: I got cut off on a call with Julie. Do you want to try it again, please?

Operator: [Unclear.] There you are, sir.

Nixon: Hello?

Julie Nixon Eisenhower: Daddy?

Approximately 25 seconds of recording has been withdrawn by the National Archives and Records Administration under the terms of the deed of gift, designated as "Personal Returnable."

Original tape courtesy of the Nixon Library. This transcript is a working draft. Please let us know if you find important errors.