Tuesday, August 3, 1971 - 12:05pm - 1:40pm
Richard Nixon, Henry Kissinger
Executive Office Building

Editorial note: The President and National Security Adviser Henry A. Kissinger discussed the Strategic Arms Limitation Talks and a leak of the administration's fallback negotiating position before turning to Amchitka.


President Nixon: I thought we'd already approved Amchitka. I signed something. A Pentagon announcement.

Henry Kissinger: We approved it, but we don't want you to announce it this week--”

President Nixon: All right.

Kissinger: --”because all the environmentalists--”we'll just let it [unclear].

President Nixon: The hell with them.

Kissinger: [Unclear] with all the environmentalists [unclear]--”

President Nixon: Yeah, yeah. That's too damn bad. You know they've bled over every goddamn atomic test that's been made.

Kissinger: Oh, yes. They [unclear] exactly the same thing last year.

President Nixon: We'd be fighting Japan still if they had their way.

Original tape courtesy of the Nixon Library. This transcript is a working draft. Please let us know if you find important errors.