Monday, October 16, 1972 - 11:42am - 12:54pm
Richard Nixon, John Ehrlichman, Bob Haldeman
Oval Office

In pursuit of an interview with President Richard Nixon's chief domestic policy adviser, John D. Ehrlichman, CBS News Correspondent Daniel Schorr went as far as to show up in the studio of a rival network, ABC, which had the top Nixon aide on during the final days of the 1972 presidential campaign. Ehrlichman turned Schorr down--not for the reason he gave, but because Schorr had a relative working on the presidential campaign of Nixon's Democratic opponent, Sen. George S. McGovern of South Dakota. 

 [Excerpt begins at 14:20]

John D. Ehrlichman: I had great satisfaction in turning Daniel Schorr down.

President Nixon: [Unclear.]

Ehrlichman: Bastard. He came right into the ABC studio just as I finished, they were taking the microphone off, and there was Daniel Schorr! 

President Nixon: On the mic?

Ehrlichman: No, no, no, he says, "I have a crew outside and I want to tape an interview with you." 

President Nixon: Oh, Christ, what the hell . . ?

Ehrlichman: And I said, "What about?" And he said, "Well, the same sort of stuff." I said, "No." He said, "No?" And I said, "That's right." He said, "Are you adamant?" And I said, "I'm pleasantly negative." 

President Nixon: [Unclear.]

Ehrlichman: And he crept away. 

President Nixon: Well, of course, you can always put it on the basis--"I just did this shit [unclear] ABC." [Unclear.]

Ehrlichman: That ran through my mind, but the real reason, of course, is his brother being in the McGovern campaign. 






Original tape courtesy of the Nixon Library. This transcript is a working draft. Please let us know if you find important errors.